Monday, October 29, 2012

Wow. i had forgotten this blog still existed. Since it's been referenced in the Union Leader the other day maybe i should go ahead and resurrect it. In case your wondering the crackerjack journalists at the UL have uncovered my secret gay love affair with Dan Garthwaite.

FREE STATE PROJECT: You have to give credit to the folks in the Free State Project. They have members on both sides of the ticket in at least one House race.
In Hillsborough 12, which represents Ward 5 in Manchester, Tim O’Flaherty is on the Democratic side of the ticket and Daniel Garthwaite is on the Republican side.
Garthwaite heads research for the board of directors of the NH Liberty Alliance. He and O’Flaherty live at the same Central Street address in Manchester.
On O’Flaherty’s Facebook page, he lists the Free State Project as one of his activities, and he has the website Stateless Governance.
O’Flaherty won the Democratic primary in a recount after initial results showed he had tied former Rep. Richard Komi.
O’Flaherty and Rep. Ted Rokas are the two Democrats in the race, while Garthwaite is the only Republican, so either Garthwaite or O’Flaherty will win a seat unless there is a write-in campaign.
Neither O’Flaherty nor Garthwaite could be reached for comment.
Don Manning, the chairman of the Manchester City Democrats, said he met with O’Flaherty after the primary and learned he was a big advocate of privacy. “He is concerned about government not overreaching into people’s personal lives,” Manning said.
They talked about labor issues and the need to work on legislation that pertains to the city.
“He was a pleasant young man,” Manning said. “It was a positive and upbeat conversation.”

I don't believe anyone from the Union Leader tried to contact me but if they had i might have assured them that in Concord i pledge to bring the kind of bi-partisan back and forth   relationship that Dan and I have worked so hard for in our sometimes hot and heavy personal lives.

Seriously though, I didn't know Dan before this race and having both of us on the ballot was more of an accident than any kind of Free-Stater scheme for world domination.  

More later...

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